The lonely man travel kit for Bangkok

Tell us about yourself:

bangkok trip with the ladyboys

I’m a young professional from  western Europe that have some special sexual preferences. Once or twice every year I travel to different south east asian places to fullfill my fantasies and have few days of relaxation. I know that I can take the train to the nearby big city and pay for everything i might want but I’m too concern for my privacy. I do not define myself as a bisexual as i’m attracted only to girls but over the years i have had my share of fun with men dressed as women.

You can reach me catch me on up on my facebook here 

How do you like to travel?

Well I always start my trips alone. I usually start to plan a month or two ahead and the most important question is always where to go.  I have done it nine or ten times already and i can tell you for sure that some of my vacations were amazing while other were a complete waste of time and money. I try to research field reports on different sleazy boards but i learned to question those reports as each one of us is different. On most trips i find myself a “steady” companion that I hang out with for few days and keep in touch after i leave.

What is the kinkiest place in the world?

For me it is defiantly Bangkok  and Pattaya as the first runner.  The stuff you see there every night is what Hollywood movies and adult films are made from. Specifically the 2am time when the clubs are shutdown and all the girls are spilled to the streets with the horny men following them. 

By the way I don’t like the term “kinky”  for my it is just a way to fulfill my sexual fantasies which i don’t really think are too strange. 

Now tell the readers about your kinky travel kit :

Not really a kit but on very important item and three other nice to have extras


5 starts condomsYou can buy them for cents everywhere but don’t. Just don’t. I always bring them from home with me. STD is serious and there is no need to bet on the local knock offs. For me it is Durex but go with what works for you. Bring more then what you plan to use, those protections are needed from more then just penetration.

Bondage tape

Bondage tapeYes, I know i said i’m not into kink but with some girls i do like the helplessness feeling of being tied down. This tape has three advantages:

  • Easy to be carried
  • No marks
  • I can free myself from it if needed



Two clip on wallets

thai baht One for the credit cards and “just in case” money and the other is the party money for the night. Obviously the girls never sees the first one.

Travel light

Actually you don’t really need much. You can find everything you might need there and with descent prices.

And finally, what is your next destination and why?

Most likely Bali. I heard some good stories at the bars about this place.