Adult shopping at Hong Kong

So you are looking to do some sexy shopping at Hong Kong? Toys, BDSM, latex. lingerie and anything in between.

Whether you’re into BDSM or if you’re swingers. If you have a fetish of any sort or you are just kinky.

We gathered the kinky shopping, the best fetish and BDSM clubs, domination and all the special events that take place in the city.

Briefly, there really is no “public scene” in Hong Kong in the sense of BDSM clubs such as exist in the USA and UK. I believe the same is true of SG (?). But there is a scene here, including a munch. There used to be a public dungeon , but a really silly police raid put an end to that and the scene here doesn’t seem to have fully recovered.

So, what can you find :


Just like other munches held in other parts of the World, munches are gatherings for like-minded folks to meet up over cocktail and snacks. This is a perfect occasion for old friends to catch up with each other and newbies to learn more about the lifestyles through conversations in an intimate environment. As different generations of the organizers fine-tuned the events to streamline with times, this is one of the longest running munch event in town to this date.

Naughty Munch

A concept that evolves from munches, we bring the idea of the best of both worlds to the Hong Kong community. Hong Kong is no doubt a globally recognized metropolitan. People keep a fast pace. We realize that there are rooms for folks to enjoy a nibble of the lifestyle beside having a full-on play. Hence the creation of Naughty Munch in December 2014.

Play/Naughty Munch is very similar in nature to a regular munch where people come and mingle over a drink or two. However, it is a little more risque Play/Naughty Munch as we will have the venue’s curtains closed and we welcome our parties to come to the gathering dressed up or change into something more “comfortable” upon arrival. It is also encouraged to bring along some of your private goodies to interact with fellow party-goers there.


Founded and also a first in Hong Kong in June 2014, this is a causal gathering for “LADIES ONLY” who are either Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Cross-dressers, Transgender, Dom/Mistress, Submissive, Slave in Kinky & BDSM community.

Regardless you are seasoned or a complete newbie, even you are a little curious and finally garnered up the courage to explore this side of your life; Local residences or someone who happens to be visiting the city. As long as you have one or more qualities as listed, we welcome your attendance.

Play Party

Our play party is free of charge event. The participants must be at good standing in order that they can be joined in the events only by our leaders’ invitation. The detailed rules of BDSM ETIQUETTE are set out below.

Seminars and Workshop

BDSM education is one of our committee’s important aims. We will invite well-experienced BDSM practitioners and universities professors to continuously update BDSM knowledge

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As Macau is a very small place with a whole lot of people we suggest visitors to use the better selection at Hong Kong. Unless… you are talking about the yearly adult expo that do take place in Macau. If you can, try to arrange your visit in the summer. Check the dates here


We did our best to map all the kinky places and attractions but this city keep on buzzing all the time.

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