Amsterdam and Sex

If you come to Amsterdam in the right state of mind you will find sex everywhere. Not necessarily in its blunt form like you might experience in the red light district where you see the hookers in the windows and low-grade sex shops everywhere but in a hinted and relaxed way. Somehow there is a common assumption that this city is sexy as hell and “sex” is one of the items you need to tick in your checklist of things to do on your visit.

Well, I don’t fully agree with that.

This city can surely give you some love in various ways yet you will have to pick a little in order to find the better stuff


Handpick the right stores

Nothing special to Amsterdam but you should do your best not to fall into low-quality touristic attractions. Beside smoking aid stuff, it seems like Chinese sex toys and cheap undergarments for women are the souvenirs you suppose to bring from your vacation here. If this is what you are looking for then those stores also have all kind of uniques chocolates, all kind of cheeky games and some tasteful yet naughty accessories. If you look for the high-quality stuff you can visit this list. If you don’t have the time to tour them all here is the best two that you want to visit :

RoB Amsterdam storelogo

Rob AmsterdamLeather, rubber and twisted gear. Mainly catering to the gay community but don’t let it stop you from visiting. It is an exciting place that will stimulate the mind and body of anyone a little kinky.


pleasurements sexy lingerie

The house of pleasure – In one sentence: Every women dream shop. This is high-end lingerie with price ranging from a few hundred euros upwards. A great store on a nice little shopping street. The staff are very friendly and helpful so if its luxury lingerie this is the place in Amsterdam


Clubs and parties

Having sex in an Amsterdam hotel is as exciting as vacation sex can get, but if you’re looking to change up your bedroom routine and get a little outside your comfort zone, there is an active scene in the city outside.

Most of us know to queue up at the big parties like wasteland, Europerve or Boudoir Bizarre  for an epic night out. But if you’re looking for a different experience you should try some of the local events :

  • No, it is not the kitkat but swingers will surely find their kind of people at sameplace
  • Get sleazy in an old school peep show
  • Toughen up for the sex parties and play parties in the Eagle (men only)
  • Club Church, in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam, is definitely worth a visit and hosts a number of nice parties for fetishists and kinksters alike. Predominantly gay, but also catering for an all genders audience.

One thing to remember is that the term fetish in Amsterdam mostly relate to the dress code (latex and rubber) and not really to the activities which mean that fetish parties are a place to  ‘see and be seen’ in a dancing club environment. If you are looking for action then you should look for the term ‘play parties’.

So should I completely ignore the red light district?

red light secrets museum

No, just don’t count on it more than a funny(?) tourist attraction. Small note though, in the end, this is the livelihood of these women and the males that visit’s them pays for the bills. Be respectful to them. Don’t just stand in front of a window, don’t take pictures.

So the answer is no. Don’t ignore it think of it as another museum or city park. Give it two or three hours and have some fun. Remember that this is the oldest part of town with beautiful architecture and a popular place to live for regular Amsterdammers.

  • Tip #1 – try to ignore the excited tourists.
  • Tip #2 – Red light secrets (Museum of prostitution)  – A replica of a whore house.  See the changing room, bathroom, the bedroom, and other sex things. The best part is being able to stand inside a Red Light window on the 2nd floor.  Streetwalkers will be able to see you and in return, you can give them a show 🙂 dance, flirt, negotiate, wave, throw air kisses, and maybe even striptease if you are so daring.
  • Tip #3 – The clubs and bars are exactly what you expect of them, those can be great fun if you come in the right state of mind
  • Tip #4 – Open you mind, try to have some fun

Amsterdam can also be romantic as hell

Canals, bridges, stepping stones, old architectures, and big squares what else do you need? Through in some flowers and a good fireplace in cold weather and you have it all.

So yes, you are surely covered in terms of foreplay before a night of passion. The canal belt (in Dutch: Grachtengordel) circle the old center and gives a great walking area with the many beautiful canals, glowing brides and old houses that will put you in the romantic mood all by itself. For a grand finish book a table on one of the floating restaurants for a candlelight dinner.

During the day you can go visit the flower market (bloemenmarkt), take a boat tour in the canals or take some time (in the right season) and go visit the arestaurantsmazing tulip fields which are just a short train ride from the centre. Make sure to check the Vondelpark’s Open Air Theater schedule and maybe find some good music and let’s not forget the option of renting a tandem bicycle.



Up to you. You will have fun on your vacation anyway. It’s a great city that has it’s share of kinks to offer. You should also remember that the scene in not an Amsterdam only scene. Surely most of the action is around this city but you can find some things going on in the suberbs or other cities (for example The Hague or Rotterdam ) that you might want to check.


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